About the Manager

Cambridge Industrial Trust Management Limited ("CITM"), the Manager of CIT, is indirectly owned by three strategic sponsors namely:

The shareholding structure of the Manager is presented below:

Independence - An Inherent Strength

CITM is not majority controlled by any property company that develops or owns real estate for commercial sale or investment purposes. CITM believes this independence provides the following benefits:

  • as an independent manager, CITM has good access to property owners as there are no potential conflict of interest issues. Property owners may be more receptive when dealing with a manager who is not a competing developer or owning other businesses that share the same industry space;
  • as there is no controlling parent entity dictating decision making, CITM is able to make timely decisions and hence respond to opportunities; and
  • the Manager's interests are wholly aligned with CIT's unitholders, via a management fee structure which rewards unitholder's returns rather than aggregate growth.